Dear ANS Customer, we have news about the fair in Biograd 2013!

We present you the  repair area of all ZF transmissions, above all the repairs of Z transmissions by Volvo Penta. You can buy all necessary special tool and spare tool in ANS-Sukosan to improve or to repair your Z transmission.




Propeller repair-Service

We repair propellers made of aluminum, bronz and steel. In our service is the repair of the gumme sleep slutch included and also the welding of underneath sea parts.

During the repairs we are restoring the wings geometry, welding the misssing parts and we are regrounding the entire propeller. After the repairs we messure,balance and paint the propeller. We are specialized on adjustments of performance by changes in slope and we can do it with aluminium and bronz alloys.

The adjustment of holes and cone changes: We have a large number of tools for drilling and for the cone adaption.


We have new information on the subject of taxation of vessels in 2013. See below for the latest information of our partner of ADAC to this topic.

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